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Robin Elliott with Stefan Aarnio of Respect The Grind

Go to so you can discover how to flip houses for fun and profit (without using your own funds).

Buy houses 40-60 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR using this:

Stefan’s millionaire manifesto:

Develop a modern warrior spirit and leave a legacy:

Close ANY deal with 7-Level selling:

Stefan’s Blog:
Respect The Grind Podcast:
Best YouTube Vids:

About Stefan Aarnio:

Stefan Aarnio is an award winning real estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and winner of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award.He has been featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine named him one of the Top 10 Real Estate Influencers to Follow.Starting with only $1200, Stefan has built a multi-million dollar portfolio for himself and his partners and been recognized on The Self Made List.


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